Yalcin Or

Director/Head Trainer

Yalcin Or is a highly experienced training facilitator in the Vocational Education and Training sector. His interest in First Aid began as a combat medic in the Turkish Military and has since branched into other industries such as Security, Risk Management and eventually Workplace Training vocations.

Yalcin is passionate about delivering premium training to each and every individual in order to empower people with the knowledge and skills to assist others in any emergency situation that may arise in a professional or personal setting. Yalcin’s passion stems from his own personal traditional values where family comes first and has embedded these values to form the basis of ATi’s corporate culture.


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Christina Attia

Operations Manager

Christina Attia is a highly analytical process specialist with over 10 years’ experience analysing and successfully implementing operational processes within national and global corporations across a number of industries.

Christina is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences through staff development and knowledge transfer. She achieves this through constant professional development and building strong interpersonal relationships internally and externally. She is a positive, resilient and energetic individual who believes the formula to success in any business is having the right people with the right tools.


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